New Name!


If it’s been a while since you stopped by my website, you may notice a few changes. A new name, new URL, and a little bit of an updated look.

Formerly Veronica’s Cupcakes, I recently changed my name to Just Desserts because I’ve started selling a wider variety of baked goods, and am really enjoying it! Cupcakes are still my specialty, but lately I’ve started selling cinnamon rolls, cookies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, dinner rolls, and cheesecake. It has been a long time since I’ve regularly baked such a variety, and boy, I think I was missing it because my joy in the kitchen has increased ten-fold! And baking is my happiness, so that’s saying a lot!


I’ve been so busy in the kitchen (praise God!) that I haven’t had much time to devote to updating my menu on the website, but take a look around and see what I’ve got so far. I can do most anything, so if there’s ever something in particular you’re wanting, just send me a text or message!

Also, my Facebook page has changed and if you’d like to know when I have extra goodies available for purchase (I make extra with my orders when possible) and come out with something new, be sure to hop on over there and “like” the page! The page is linked in the sidebar, or you can click here.


Thank you for your support over the last 6 years! I started this when pregnant in hopes of creating a way to earn an income from home once I resigned to be a SAHM.  Whenever times have been tough, God has blessed us through my baking, and in many other ways, and I’m so thankful! Baking is my passion and being able to contribute financially to our family through it has truly been the icing on my cake! Thank you all. ❤


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