Buy Cupcakes…Win Cupcakes!

cupcake collage

Well, I guess it’s our turn for everything we own to break down and need repairing or replaced! I need to sell a lot of cupcakes to keep up with the emergency expenses this month, so I’m turning these lemons into lemonade and offering a fun giveaway incentive to help meet my 20 dozen goal by the end of the month. Everyone who buys cupcakes from me before October 31st will receive one entry per dozen into a drawing for a FREE dozen cupcakes, redeemable any time before the end of the year. So order your Halloween cupcakes now with the chance to win another free dozen for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Click here to see the flavors I offer, or send me a message for a special request! If I meet my goal of 20 dozen sold by the end of the month, I’ll do a drawing for a second FREE dozen cupcakes!

Message me through my Facebook page, or at vraklis(at)yahoo(dot)com to place an order.


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