Forgotten Flavors


Best-selling Lemon Sunshine with Mocha and Mixed Berry cupcakes.

I’ve made a lot more cupcake flavors than I’ve listed in my menu, and wanted to share some of them here. You’ll notice my old name and website on many of the photos, been a while since I made them!


I love special orders for flavors I’ve never done, and that’s how many of these happened. I just never got around to putting them in the line up! Unfortunately, I lost all my recipes for these in a laptop crash to the floor, which resulted in my flash drive (the only place I had all my recipes saved) being bent in a manner that rendered it useless. Thankfully I had previously printed all my recipes for the flavors I reguarly make, that has been a blessing. But these I would have to recreate. That can be done fairly easily since I had no trouble creating them in the first place, however, so let me know if you want to try any of them so I have an excuse to bring these recipes back, and onto the menu permanently! Every single one was a huge hit with the people that special requested them.


Mixed Berry cupcakes, a special birthday request that I ended up selling several times before it got lost since I never added it to the menu. Vanilla cupcakes with a homemade mixed berry filling, creamy frosting, and topped with fresh berries. $25 / dozen or $40 / two dozen.


Mocha cupcakes – chocolate cupcake with mocha ganache filling, mocha buttercream, a drizzle of mocha ganache, and chocolate covered espresso beans. $25/dozen or $40/two dozen.


Vanilla cupcakes with a ball of edible (no raw egg) homemade cookie dough in the center. Topped with brown sugar buttercream and chocolate chips. $25 / dozen or $40 / 2 dozen.


Gingerbread cupcakes would be great for the holidays! I topped the cream cheese frosting with some spiced sugar I blended myself with premium spices. If I made these again, I’d probably sacrifice an extra cupcake and crumble it to add to the top as well. $20 / dozen or $30 / two dozen.


I only made these banana cupcakes once as a special request for a co-worker whose husband loved bananas, and these really won him over! I topped them with banana chips. $20 / dozen or $30 / two dozen.


The info on the card is all invalid now, except for my name and email, but this Orange Creamsicle cupcake was legit! 😉 I made these several times for a regular customer at the time, they were one of his favorites (this is actually his photo, I never took any), and are still another customer’s all-time favorite of all my flavors (she had a cupcake of the month membership one year and tried quite a few flavors). Topped with creamy orange buttercream studded with fresh orange zest, and a candy orange slice. $20 / dozen or $30 / two dozen.


Margarita cupcakes (alcohol-free) – the lime flavor is throughout both the cupcake and frosting, and there’s a sprinkling of light & flaky Maldon sea salt over the top, with a candy lime slice and straw.  $20 / dozen or $30 / two dozen.


Lastly I’ll share the newest flavor that DID make it to the line-up and is on the menu now. Hostess-Style Cupcakes! They do not taste just like Hostess cupcakes, but they have the same elements and are from scratch, so they are soft, fresh, moist, and incredible! They were a big crowd pleaser at a birthday party I brought them to, and I decided if only 3 out of 21 kids didn’t eat their cupcake, and all the adults raved, it’s a winner and needs to be made available to my customers. $20 / dozen or $30 / two dozen.



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