Sweet Treats

Although cupcakes are my specialty, I offer many other desserts!

Cheesecake $15, with cherries $18. Low Carb $20

IMG_6967b10″ Key Lime Pie $15

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls $20/dozen $10/half dozen


53361247_10156858979976480_7898928440596758528_oBlue Ribbon Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies $6/dozen


Blue Ribbon Loaded Oatmeal Cookies (raisins, toasted walnuts, brown butter icing) . These are large cookies, about 3″ diameter. $10/dozen

almond-fudge-cookiesBlue Ribbon Almond Fudge Cookies (naturally gluten-free, made with almond flour, so fudgy!) $10/ dozen


My 2012 blue ribbon winner! One of the special ingredients is a bit of brown sugar mixed in with the white, which makes them a little darker than normal, but adds more depth of flavor. $10/dozen for large 3″ cookies.

Pies $15: apple, plum, cherry, triple berry, pecan


Pies $10: pumpkin

banana bread.jpg


Quick Breads $10 plain, $12 with nuts & other additions: Banana, Pumpkin

Muffins $12/dozen: Lemon, Blueberry, Carrot, Honey Banana Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate, Banana, Pumpkin.


I also offer dinner rolls, though they aren’t a dessert, they are a fresh baked treat from the oven! $10 / pan of 15


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